nba 2k17


Don’t get me wrong I like to play nba 2k, but the matching making for the game is terrible. I usually have to wait thirty minutes or even more to play a game in my park. It also seems game quality is bad when connecting to 2K servers.

Good Features

  • Ability to pick type of player
  • Fun single player story line
  • Sharpshooter is nerfed
  • Better music
  • Faster load times for single / mutliplayer

Bad features:

  • 2K servers are slow
  • Confusing menu system
  • Matching making takes forever
  • Sync data is easily broken
  • Slower rate of increasing players abilities
  • Seems the game has to much green tone

I could be missing something in the good / bad feature list. Post a comment letting me know.

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