A happy puzzle piece

suicide squad

I think rotten tomatoes was spot on by their rating of the film. I rented suicide squad a couple of […]

31 film

I wanted to like the film, but the terrible acting was to much to handle. If you’re really bored or […]

Cloud South

I’ve rented virtual private servers. So going the dedicated server route is new to me. I really didn’t know what […]

nba 2k17

Don’t get me wrong I like to play nba 2k, but the matching making for the game is terrible. I […]

Star Trek Beyond

The only good thing I can say about Star Trek Beyond is watching the U.S.S. Enterprise being destroyed. I suggest […]

lights out

It’s worth checking out. Some of the scenes of the movie were actually kind of creepy. I usually find the […]

php security

I ran into a few blog posts that indicate that most L.E.M.P tutorials state to set the following php setting. […]


I needed some software to keep track of my traffic. So I figured I would give mint a try. WordPress […]


I only like a hand full of Beyonce songs, but “hold up” is pretty catchy. Check it out if you […]